Zero (zerozander) wrote in albuquerque,

Round frames

Does anyone know of any place in town that carries thin, round eyeglass frames?

Round. Like a circle.

Not "trendy" rectangular or oval. Completely round. Like Steve Jobs and Harry Potter. Thin metal. Not thick-plastic-round like Harold Lloyd.

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Eyemart Express would be a no. I was just there buying frames and saw nothing like this.

Which is surprising considering how unnervingly popular Potter is. You'd think those frames would be "in" now.
Try the Nob Hill Optical Shop. It's near Kurt's Camera Corral on Central.
Downtown Vision Source (Lomas and 7th) struck me as the kind of place that might have them, but I haven't been there for a couple years and wasn't looking for them so.... I don't know. ;)
If you can't find anyplace in town, has some.