Ken [not quite a real boy] (mereprototype) wrote in albuquerque,
Ken [not quite a real boy]

Accessible Apartments

Given the way our current apartment's maintenance and management have gone downhill, my girlfriend and I are strongly considering looking for a new place over the next 6-9 months. The biggest trouble with that, though, is that we both have mobility issues and need a place on the first floor, or at least an elevator, as the only accomodation. We're both students, so if it's not close to UNM and CNM, at least being on a bus line is a requirement too.

We know that we'll have to pay more than the $500/month we're currently paying -- that includes all utilities and pet fees -- but it'd be nice to find somewhere not too much more expensive. Does anyone have suggestions on possible locations to look into?
Tags: housing
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