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Exploration. [07 Mar 2015|09:45pm]

Hey guys, for a while now I've been looking for some people to go out an do some urban exploration in burque.
Anyone have some info on the urbex community of abq? If so, I am interested.
Also, been wanting to find some travelers in this city. I'm talking like train hoppers, hitch hikers, etc. Wanna get to know some people to show me the ropes.
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[20 Jun 2013|08:03am]

Does anybody know of a good place to sell my read novels and my manga that is in excellent condition? I know that Page 1 is a place, but I got burned there a while ago. Is it the best deal in town or is there somewhere better?

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doctor request [15 Jun 2013|07:55pm]

Anyone know a gynecologist who takes pres and is capable of respecting fat patients? Anyone know a primary care provider, same requirements?
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New music video made here in ABQ! [29 May 2013|10:44pm]

Hello fellow Burquenos:

I am a local musician here in ABQ and I just had a new music video made here in town.

You guys might get a kick out of it.  :)  Please watch it and share if you dig it!

The Perfect Pop Song


Featuring Todd Guilmette, Jeremy Guilmette and David Lee of Crimson Fool.

Filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

For more greatFox music, check out https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/greatfox/id504914914

For the greatFox collection, check out http://www.greatfoxmusic.com

Written by Todd Guilmette.

All music and vocals by Todd Guilmette.

Guitar by Chad Wilkinson of Crimson Fool.

DJ on the radio by Randy Savage (KKOB-FM and all Cumulus radio here in ABQ)

Cinematography by Mike West and Todd Guilmette.

Editing by Mike West.

Produced by MegaUltra Studios.

Directed by Mike West and Todd Guilmette.
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custom framing? [28 May 2013|01:08pm]

Anybody have any recommendations for a custom framing place? The print I need framed is an extra long size.
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Albuquerque Maker Faire starts at 10am Saturday! [22 Sep 2012|10:29pm]

Down at civic plaza 100's of local artists, crafters, tinkereers builders and makers will be taking place in the tradition of Worlds Fair's, and showing off what is cool. one day only 10am-6pm

Save $3 off of the door price by buying tickets online. http://www.albuquerque-minimakerfaire.com/
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Solar Eclipse [19 May 2012|01:19am]

Did anyone see KOAT tonight about where to get a sheet of film for the solar eclipse? I didn't get a chance to write down the name of the business that is selling precut pieces of it for $2. I'd like to go down and buy one tomorrow. Thank you!
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Should be a great time! Please reshare! [05 May 2012|10:25pm]

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Tom Petty tickets. [19 Apr 2012|08:02pm]

I have 3 tickets for Tom Petty's show in Albuquerque Tingley's coliseum this Tuesday 24th at 7pm, they are not floor tickets they are seats closer to the bottom they are not bad seats. I will have more seat information tomorrow. We had 3 people cancel on us the tickets were purchased months ago. 65.00 each. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT THEM ♥
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Round frames [03 Feb 2012|05:29pm]

Does anyone know of any place in town that carries thin, round eyeglass frames?

Round. Like a circle.

Not "trendy" rectangular or oval. Completely round. Like Steve Jobs and Harry Potter. Thin metal. Not thick-plastic-round like Harold Lloyd.

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Quelab's Electronics (and more) indoor Swap Meet! [17 Nov 2011|11:10pm]

We wanted to do another big community tech yardsale. Then we got too busy to pull it off. Now its cold. so we are going to do it INDOORS!

Go find your old computers/gadgets/toys!!! and Get ready!

Recycling, Indoor Swap-Meet Fund-Raising to help build our community workspace for learning/teaching about how things work.

Quelab Albuquerque’s Maker/Hackerspace is a great place to tinker with electronics, and to take apart old things and build new and exciting things, its better than recycling, its upcycling. But we are drowning in castoffs spares and other gadgets. Help us empty our closets, and help yourself by emptying out your old closets of unused tech stuff. We are doing an indoor Swapmeet! Rather than standing around in the cold doing a yardsale, we are opening up inside, to host a Recycle your Junk Swap-meet.

Stay warm with Hot Cider and Coffee (Coffee thanks to http://www.aromacup.com/ )

Think of it as a Ham Radio Swap-Meet with even more interesting stuff! Its hard to categorize what all will be there, but a simple list would likely include, computers, laptops, gadgets, books, parts, cameras, optics, radios, toys, printers, test equipment, tools and possibly even furniture, lighting and craft supplies!

This is open to members and the public, everyone is encouraged to bring things to trade or sell! Donate whatever percent of the sale you feel like to Quelab! All Proceeds go towards buying parts supplies, consumables, and other operational expenses.

Meet interesting people who love tinkering with technology
Come/Bring things And tell everyone (especially your crazy uncle with a garage full of old gadgets!)

Further Details:
When: 8am-12pm Saturday November 19th
Where: Quelab, 1112 2nd street NW!
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Replacement CD cases [06 Nov 2011|03:13pm]

Anywhere in town where I can get STANDARD sized CD cases? Big Lots ran out, and if I can avoid eBay and online "whole sale" vendors then all the better!

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Quelab's Haunted Lab Tonight 6-10 [29 Oct 2011|09:53am]

Quelab is doing its usual thing of holding a themed expo/party. This one is for Halloween, Its 1/2 Haunted house, 1/2 Science & Engineering demo. we made a bunch of pretty cool Mad Science halloween props. Mostly out of recycled and off the shelf stuff.

This is a hands on event, And addition to the Animatronic robots, Spooky Science, Lasers, High Voltage, spooktacular props & demos there will also be LED Spiders, and Tape ghosts to be made and taken home.

Event Details:
Saturday October 29th 6pm-10pm
1112 2nd Street NW
Cost $10 kids under 12 and Quelab members Free!

More information about Quelab, and the event can be seen at http://Quelab.net Albuquerque's Hakerspace.
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Accessible Apartments [29 Oct 2011|03:46pm]

Given the way our current apartment's maintenance and management have gone downhill, my girlfriend and I are strongly considering looking for a new place over the next 6-9 months. The biggest trouble with that, though, is that we both have mobility issues and need a place on the first floor, or at least an elevator, as the only accomodation. We're both students, so if it's not close to UNM and CNM, at least being on a bus line is a requirement too.

We know that we'll have to pay more than the $500/month we're currently paying -- that includes all utilities and pet fees -- but it'd be nice to find somewhere not too much more expensive. Does anyone have suggestions on possible locations to look into?
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Old ATSF Steam Locomotive Shops and Railyard Photo Expo [07 Sep 2011|04:40pm]


Ive got 2 photos in this show, I'm joined by some of the best architecture and Urban exploring photographers I know.

Come on out to the opening September 15th 6-8pm

You can see some of my other Urbex & Railyard stuff here. https://secure.flickr.com/photos/killbox/sets/72157594518462575/
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Seeking Travelers For Paid Travel Study - $75 [31 Aug 2011|03:27pm]

Hey there Albuquerque, NM! We're market researchers looking for travelers who live in or around Albuquerque to participate in a paid travel study. Those selected to participate will engage in a casual, one-on-one interview via online video conference in which participants will evaluate a travel website and share their feedback and opinions. Technical requirements include a PC running a Windows operating system (7, Vista, XP), high-speed internet, web camera (either internal or external), and a computer headset. The interview lasts approximately 45-minutes and compensation is $75.00 for your time. 

Anyone interested can sign up on our secure site here: https://vovici.com/wsb.dll/s/c237g4c57a

You're welcome to "like" us on Facebook: Facebook.com/DestinationAnalysts or check out our website: www.destinationanalysts.com 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and thanks for your interest!
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Chock Full of Nuts? [22 Aug 2011|11:52am]

Is the coffee brand Chock Full of Nuts sold here in Albuquerque? Their website says that they are based in New York but I can't find anything on if they also distribute elsewhere.

My aunt died this weekend and one thing she told me and some friends I brought over one day was she wanted her ashes put in one of these coffee cans. (there just might be one in her cupboard but I won't be able to find out until the service since she lives out of town) Everyone laughed, and it was so HER. I will be getting some ashes to make jewelery out of for me and anyone else who wants something to wear to remember her, and storing some to spread in her mountains and ruins next year and I'd like to store them in one of these cans.

So, any idea? Anyone here have one they can freecycle to me? I've asked the freecycle as well but just in case thought I'd post here, since stories of why you are requesting something are discouraged over there.
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Multi Family Sale Today! [20 Aug 2011|01:58am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Multi-Family Sale! Clothing, Kitchenware, Dishes, Jewelery, Toys, Bags, Handbags, Books, and more!

More includes:
Retro cufflinks from the '50s and '60s.
Silver-plate tableware and food warmers.
Silver repousse flatware.
Hand-woven silk purses.
Antique, hand carved amethyst and Herkimer crystal beads.
Chinese silver and stone ornaments and cloisonne.
Stained glass lampshade.

The sale starts at 8am and will run until 1pm, TODAY Saturday August 20th.

Feel free to email poster with question, details and pricing.


*Do not turn on Ladera! It is a different street.*

From I40, go North on Unser, turn left when you see the Sonic and Walgreens (both on your right) and take your next two lefts. The sale is located on the east side of the street.

(This is the Google Map to the back of the house, please follow directions above)

(Please do not expect to make purchases before 8am)

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Multi Family Sale August 20th [04 Aug 2011|11:42pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Clothing, Kitchenware, Dishes, Jewelery, Toys, Bags, Books, and more!

The sale starts at 8am and will run until 1pm, Saturday August 20th.

Feel free to post questions for details and pricing.

Directions.Collapse )

(Please do not expect to make purchases before 8am- we've got to set up!)
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Tomorrow Big event at Quelab, Rockets, Balloons, Paper Planes and more! [29 Jul 2011|10:02pm]

spaceman Thats right, we are about to launch our next big event.

This one is all about the bits of science that go woosh, boom and whee! Its going to be really are exciting.

We are going to have some folks showing off some amateur rocketry(the big stuff), We will be bringing back the human powered water/air rockets(ahh so refreshing!)

We are going to be having some paper plane building/testing contests.

If weather is good we are going to try and launch a large tethered balloon with a teeny video camera on it for some aerial photography.

After dusk, we are going to try and have a few astronomy related demos, TAAS will be there with a 17.5" telescope, and still more ideas planned

We also have numerous guests invited to show and tell. Including the Challenger Learning center of NM They will be presenting early!

$10 Adults, (all proceeds go directly to keeping the space open and towards funding our future events), kids under 12 free with adult. As always Quelab Members always get in free!

That]s at 1112 2nd street NW
Starting: 5:00pm-going until 10pm
Saturday July 30th

Think of it as Rocket science, only more like fun!
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