Grygon (grygon) wrote in albuquerque,

Chock Full of Nuts?

Is the coffee brand Chock Full of Nuts sold here in Albuquerque? Their website says that they are based in New York but I can't find anything on if they also distribute elsewhere.

My aunt died this weekend and one thing she told me and some friends I brought over one day was she wanted her ashes put in one of these coffee cans. (there just might be one in her cupboard but I won't be able to find out until the service since she lives out of town) Everyone laughed, and it was so HER. I will be getting some ashes to make jewelery out of for me and anyone else who wants something to wear to remember her, and storing some to spread in her mountains and ruins next year and I'd like to store them in one of these cans.

So, any idea? Anyone here have one they can freecycle to me? I've asked the freecycle as well but just in case thought I'd post here, since stories of why you are requesting something are discouraged over there.
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